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  • La Vie is a photo essay carried out in the streets of Buenos Aires, which takes the daily life of passers-by at the time of crossing the rays of reflected sunlight from crystal walls. Whether in an almost unreal or dim light, series aim is to focus on the mechanisms of selective visual attention.

    This work was been made taking a type of light that exists in our postmodern cities

    which is not perceived by those who pass through the streets, absent in his spirit, lost in his own thoughts. To see what exists about what "does not exist" or where "there is nothing to see", with a disturbing strangeness that defies the likelihood of these fleeting moments. For its production no staging or hidden flashes niether digital manipulation have been used. All this in order to highlight multiple universes existance living out of date in the same family space. Finding that every image is nothing more than a mental projection.