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  • In the words of Michel Foucault “… A real subjection is born mechanically from a fictitious relationship….” Our passage through the basic educational institutions, not only has an instructive and personal training benefit, also lays the foundations for a future society through subtle coercions.
    The exercise of discipline involves a device that coerces by the play of the gaze; an apparatus in which the techniques that allow to see induce effects of power and where, of rejection, the means of coercion make those on whom they are applied clearly visible.

    But power should not be exerciseded from outside, as a rigid coercion or as a weight on the functions it influences,but it must be induced in the subject a state of conscious and permanent visibility that guarantees the automatic operation of power.
    This device automates and deindividualizes power. Whose principle is the distribution of bodies, surfaces, lights and looks, rather than in people who exercise power. Based on Bentham's Panoptic design, Michel Foucault has delineated the foundations of the new "power policy" referred to as "Panopticom".

    Panopticom must be understood as a generalizable model of functioning, a way to define power relations with daily life of people.
    The power's effectiveness and its coercive force, have in some way passed to the other side of the application surface. Whom is subject to a field of visibility, and knows it, reproduces the constraints of power on his own; making them play spontaneously on himself; inscribing for himself the power relation in which he plays both roles simultaneously; thus becoming the beginning of his own submission.