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  • Interior exhibits visual artifacts that focus on aspects of current South American agricultural industry dynamics. If the territory is a space delimited by processes of social, political, economic and cultural significance, Livio Giordano points out in the dynamics that an activity such as agribusiness modifies several of them.

    The imagination placed on the 'country' persists with idioms similar to those operated in the nineteenth century. The pampas, the desert, nature function as

    notions in which prejudices of various kinds are deposited such as calm, emptiness and even abundance and prodigal in relation to their economic and symbolic value. It is enough to evoke 'El Estanciero' board game to remember imaginative and long-range identification processes. Within this construct agribusiness expansion knots new folds for more than thirty years. Such as an Industry, that seeks to obtain the greatest economic revenue and in its commercial desire, even proposes to blur boundaries delimited during the construction of the Nation States and delimit new ones, according to its own

    business logic. Thus not only territories are mapped for commercial purposes but also artificial boundaries are delimited over those already existing. Representation forms of modern stamp (mapping, topography, infinity of nature) on contemporary media (advertising resolutions on LED screens, banners, audiovisual formats) are used to show a concept of progress detailing some of the implemented productive operations, but not the conflicts that several of them cause on the ecology, social and symbolic of different regions structures.

    Excerpt from curatorial text by Sebastián Vidal Mackonsion.